The advantages of CVthèque La Relance for candidates

  • Access support and advice to build your profile by using our services;
  • Apply directly to the jobs that interest you;
  • Wait for employers to contact you with a job offer;
  • The anonymous peering process keeps your information confidential and reduces discrimination in hiring;
  • Obtain visibility for your candidacy from the many employers who use our services.

The advantages of CVthèque La Relance for employers:

  • Candidates are actively looking for employment and are available immediately;
  • Candidate profiles contain keywords that allow applications to be searched by job title, years of experience, level of education, training, technological knowledge, language skills and personal qualities;
  • The job offer model is optimised to highlight interesting information and encourage candidates to apply;
  • It is a matching tool adapted to the context of labour scarcity that requires employers to be proactive and approach potential candidates;
  • Unlike many CV libraries… it’s free!

How it works for candidates

  1. Create your account and complete your candidate profile, this can be done with or without the support of our team.
  2. Add your CV if you wish (it will only be visible to the employer if you apply for a job).
  3. Your application will be checked by our team before it goes online. This allows us to optimise your profile if necessary and verify that it is anonymous.
  4. When your profile is active, you will be able to apply for jobs that interest you. The employer will have access to your profile and your CV, and will be able to contact you.
  5. The history of jobs to which you have applied is saved and accessible withinn your account.

How it works for employers

  1. The employer creates a profile;
  2. After the profile has been validated by our team, the employer can put offers of employment online and wait to receive applications;
  3. The employer can browse the profile bank of CVthèque La Relance by using keywords;
  4. The employer then contacts our team referencing all candidate numbers of interest;
  5. To optimise the match, our team contacts the candidates in order to confirm their interest in the position;
  6. If the candidates are available and interested in the position, our team puts the employer in direct contact with each candidate.

Candidates FAQ

1-How can I contact an employer whose job offer interests me?

A: You can apply directly to an offer by clicking on the “Apply for this job” button. You will also be able to see your application history in your account.

2-No contact details appear in my profile. How will the employer be able to contact me?

A: The employer will need to contact our organisation in order to obtain your information and contact you.

3-Can I upload more than one version of my CV?

A: You can upload a new version of your resume, it is this resume that will be sent to the employer when you apply for a job.

4-Can I edit my profile once it has been uploaded?

A: Yes, you have the option to edit all of your information.

5-Can I withdraw my application after applying for a job?

A: No, once you have applied you cannot undo this action. By clicking on the “Apply for this job” button your CV and application will be automatically sent to the employer. It is therefore important to make sure that your CV is up-to-date in your profile.

6-I don’t see my profile online, has it been registered?

A: It is possible that your profile will take a few hours before being uploaded. We reserve the right to check profiles before they are published for quality control reasons.

7-How do I remove my profile?

A: You must contact us to request this, please visit the “contact” page.

8-Can I create more than one profile?

A: No, you are limited to one profile per email address.

9-Can I send a cover letter?

A: You can only put one document in your profile. If you want to include a cover letter, you need to combine it with your CV in a single document.

Employer FAQ

1-How can I contact a candidate whose profile interests me?

A: By clicking on the “Contact this candidate” button you will get the necessary information to contact the organisation that will establish contact between you and the candidate.

2-Are all candidates in the database ready to work?

A: When their profile went live, all candidates were ready and available for employment. However, we cannot guarantee their availability.

3-Why don’t I have access to candidates’ personal information and contact information?

A: Personal information is hidden in order to preserve the confidentiality of the candidates. It is also in order to keep profiles anonymous and promote non-discrimination of candidates when hiring.

4-I do not see my job offer online, has it been registered?

A: Your job posting may take a few hours to go live. We reserve the right to check job offers before they are published for quality control reasons.