Come and create opportunities with us!


Our team is made up of unique individuals of all ages with diverse talents, and backgrounds. It is a wealth that makes us very proud.


La Relance is an understanding and recognizes the value of each member of its team. This same team carries out interventions with fairness and openness for all its clients.


La Relance is made up of inspiring and dedicated people who are determined to make a difference for our clients and our community. To be part of this team is to let yourself be inhabited by a strong desire to become the best version of yourself!

Environment and sustainable development

La Relance and its businesses contribute to the reemployment, recycling and recovery of materials in addition to applying rigorous environmental standards.

The work experience offered by La Relance

  • Feel that your work has a social and environmental impact.
  • Work with people who inspire you and are dedicated to a cause.
  • Contribute to a local project whose mission is to offer everyone the chance to actualize themselves and succeed in dignity.
  • Have excellent working conditions (RRSPs, group insurance, etc.).
  • Develop a sharp mind that ignites while in a quest to find solutions.
  • Increase a strong desire to become the best version of yourself.


“Helping customers, mutual aid, the work atmosphere, the good mood, the possibility of being myself… that’s why after 15 years, I still enjoy coming to work!”
– Jocelyne

“Working at La Relance is more than just helping people develop in their careers, it’s changing their lives. And it is the whole team that collaborates and has this goal at heart.”
– Angélique

“I have the opportunity to play my role in accounting while knowing that I am contributing to a cause greater than my function.”
– Bruno