Our teams

La Relance team brings together experienced, qualified and trained professionals with various profiles.

They are inspiring and dedicated people who contribute to the great richness of our organization when it comes to offering services and seeking solutions.

The great team of La Relance are employees, interns and volunteers who collaborate to achieve our mission: to offer everyone the chance to realize themselves and succeed in dignity while respecting the environment.

Embark on this beautiful human adventure!

Our conductors

André Landry, Director General
819 770-6444 extension 223

André is a great gentleman who guides La Relance team with a shared vision and positive leadership to achieve it. With his background in social work and his many management backgrounds, we can count on him to passionately realize our mission.

Sylvie Desormeaux, CPA, Director of Financial Services
819 770-6444 extension 224

Her training as well as her extensive experience in finance and management, in diversified sectors of activity, are put at the service of our mission. The same goes for Sylvie’s macroscopic vision of our companies, which is most useful in our decision-making process.

Luc Gélinas, Director of Human Resources
819 770-6444 extension 225

Luc is so cultured that everyone would like him in his quiz team! Luc’s experiences led him to work with Inuit communities and in the health care system. His greatest daily satisfaction? Serve people and find win-win solutions.

Émilie Audet, Communications Officer
819 770-6444 extension 226

Émilie is a jack-of-all-trades in web marketing and communications. Well motivated by all our projects, she will be able to challenge her creativity. Why did she choose La Relance? She fell in love with the team and the mission of the organization.

To accompany you

Patrick Boucher, Clinical Supervisor
819 770-6444 extension 242

Patrick considers himself privileged to support our clients in their efforts. Witnessing this spark of motivation, self-confidence and hope ignite in their eyes during meetings is what makes is his greatest reward. A former teacher, a musician and cinephile, Patrick is also a great connoisseur of the work of Stanley Kubrick.

Hicham Aabid, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 extension 241

In France as in Quebec, Hicham has worked with young people and newcomers to support them in their integration and job search.
We are very lucky that he left Montreal specially to join us.
Sportsman and soccer fan, he has OM tattooed on his heart!

Jocelyne Bouchard, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 extension 238

It’s her clients, and the help she can give them, that gives her the best reason to get to work every day! Member of the team since 2007, after all these years, Jocelyne still enjoys collaborating with her colleagues in a good mood and authenticity.

Marie-Eve Brideau, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 extension 247

Marie-Eve is good at developing a bond of trust with her clients whom she is happy to accompany throughout their journey.
She is a fan of her colleagues who enrich her workplace and do real teamwork.

Valérie De Champlain, Business Advisor
819 770-6444 extension 231

A keen runner, Valérie uses her boundless energy to find creative solutions to help her clients. An experienced speaker and passionate about her work, she accompanies people with limitations and advises companies in their integration process.

Christine Gagnon, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 extension 243

Christine, our green thumb, is known for her listening skills and for her effectiveness in meeting the needs of employers and clients with limitations. In addition to having several strings to her bow, Christine has 4 on her violin that she has loved for more than 20 years!

Chantal Ménard, technical trainer (Propulsion)
819 776-5870 extension 152

Chantal, former team leader of a sorting center, is passionate about manual work in addition to enjoying being at the heart of the action. Allergic to routine, she is stimulated by the search for ideas in order to always adapt to the needs of the trainees as well as to new challenges.

Guylaine Mongeon, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 extension 324

She uses her experience as a high school teacher to create stimulating workshops and design activities tailored to her clients. Her motivation? See the positive transformations take place in each person she accompanies. A tricks player, she likes to gently tease her colleagues.

Patricia Sanogo, Project Coordinator
819 770-6444 extension 268

We particularly appreciate Patricia’s organization and rigor. Two essential qualities in project management. It must be said that Patricia came to us with a lot of experience as a former director of a financial institution in Côte d’Ivoire!

Angélique Uwamariya, Employment Integration Counsellor,
819 770-6444 extension 237

Angélique has always had a keen interest in accompanying and helping others. After a background in mental health and a background in psychology, she discovered with pleasure the employability services that make a real difference in people’s lives. Close to her Rwandan origins, she regularly practices traditional dance!

Audrey St-Amour, Employment Integration Counsellor

819 770-6444 extension 229

René Robert, Internship attendant 

819 776-5870 extension 114

Welongo Ngena, Employment Integration Agent

819 770-6444 poste 327

Caroline Touchette, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 poste 261

Manuella Jean, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 poste 241

Mélissa Pepin, Employment Integration Counsellor
819 770-6444 poste 236

To support the team

Fabienne Roux-Bühl, Assistant to the Director General
819 770-6444 extension 246

Structured, Fabienne juggles effectively with the organization of management files. At La Relance, she easily integrated into the team and found a pleasant work environment in which to thrive. Fabienne is an artist in her spare time, you may have had the chance to admire her charcoal creations.

Maria Sanchez Camacho, accounting clerk
819 770-6444 extension 222

Through her background in large companies in Mexico, Maria has developed a talent for optimization and aims to always improve the performance of her work. At home, Maria combines two of her passions by cultivating her vegetable garden, which she then cooks for those she loves.

Bruno Chartier stagiaire – candidate for the practice of the CPA profession
819 770-6444 extension 227

Bruno is a guy of numbers and statistics. He can be counted on to take part in lively (but always respectful) discussions during breaks. Working for the mission of La Relance and solving problems is what gives meaning to his work.

Denise Danis, administrative assistant and receptionist
819 770-6444 extension 221

We don’t know her secret, but Denise still manages to hang a smile on our face. After a busy career in the federal public service, she brings her experience to La Relance. Denise devotes much of her time to her loved ones. Knowing her generosity, it is certain that they are pampered!

Déborah Muamba, administrative assistant and receptionist
819 770-6444 extension 230

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