For workers over 50 and retirees

Workers over 50 and retirees, find a job that suits you!

Confused by the job market? Let us guide you!

We facilitate your approach to employment, whether you are a worker over 50 or retired.

Our team adapts to your situation, your profile and your needs to support you in your job search.

More and more experienced workers are postponing retirement.
Why not you ?

Job search

Have the right tools

Learn how

  • Organize your research;
  • Find jobs in the hidden market;
  • Use your cell phone for your research.


Attract employers

With the support of an advisor

  • Highlight your experience and transferable skills;
  • Highlight your profile;
  • Learn the basic rules of a resume;
  • Know what essential sections should appear in a resume.


Be ready

Experience a mock interview

  • Prepare for your interview;
  • Anticipate questions;
  • Know how to behave before, during, and after;
  • And more.

La Relance offers programs and services adapted to your situation and expectations.

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