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La Relance offers a range of complementary services for employers, notably through our Specialized Service for People with Disabilities (SSPD) and our business Outaouais Qualifié.

These services include, among other things, support and follow-up for the workplace integration and retention of the person or people you hire.
As an employer, you can post job offers on our website free of charge (automatically cross-posted on the Outaouais Qualifié website).

Specialized Service for People with Disabilities (SSPD)

The Specialized Service for People with Disabilities offers a range of services to employers interested in hiring a person with one or more functional limitations, such as physical or intellectual disabilities or mental health issues.

The SSPD helps employers:

  • Promote social inclusion and diversity in the workplace;
  • Hire people who are known to be dedicated, dependable and competent;
  • Take advantage of a complete range of services to ensure the integration and retention within your organization of an employee with a functional limitation;
  • Bénéficier de mesures particulières et de subventions gouvernementales. Benefit from special programs (e.g., workplace adaptation and accessibility) and government funding.


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