Donations Of Computer Equipment

Contribute to Canada’s digital inclusion

Ecological, easy and safe In addition to being ecological, your donation:

  • Provides a learning experience for the trainee who refurbishes it.
  • Becomes a work tool for:
    • Schools.
    • Early childhood centres (CPEs).
    • Nonprofit organizations (NPOs).
    • Public libraries.

To make a donation:

Contact Stéphane Camirand, Operations, Receiving and Shipping Supervisor at 819-776-5870 #115 or or fill out the form.

Other important details:

  • Your equipment will be picked up free of charge (a minimum of ten pieces of equipment is required). 
  • Upon request: you will receive a certificate of destruction for your hard drives.
  • You may be eligible for a charitable donation tax receipt.

Accepted Material









Mice, keyboards, speakers, hard drives, etc.

Data security

All computer stations follow strict procedures for:

  • Hard drive collection
  • Hard drive storage
  • Data wiping

In order to guarantee the quality of these procedures, CFS+ stations are regularly audited by firms specializing in data security. 

In addition, CFS+ shops use ram strips to efficiently and securely store data:

  • Ram bars store information temporarily.
  • All the data contained in the ram sticks is therefore lost when the computer is turned off.
  • Ram sticks can be left inside computers without worry.

Donation Form