La Relance




Through its business La Relance Technology Service (STLR), La Relance manages the National Technology Centre of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Computers for Schools (CFS) program*. As such, STLR collects, repairs and refurbishes computers and IT hardware donated by public institutions and the private sector. The equipment is then distributed free or at low cost to schools, non-profit organizations, early childhood centres and Aboriginal communities.

STLR also acts as a local centre for the Outaouais region and Ottawa through the Computers for Quebec Schools (OPEQ) and Renewed Computer Technology Ontario (RCTO) programs.


*The Computers for Schools Program was launched in 1993 by Industry Canada and TelecomPioneers to refurbish computers and related equipment donated by governments and businesses. These computers are distributed across Canada in schools, libraries, registered non-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities.

STLR : A hands-on training centre

Each year, it offers approximately:


This initiative is financed by the government of Canada


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