La Relance

Hiring a Person with a Disability

Receive personalized support during the workplace integration of a person with a disability.

A job is more than just a source of income: it’s an opportunity to grow as a person and build a network of social connections. This also holds true for a person with one or several functional limitations.

Unfortunately, people with disabilities often face prejudice and misconceptions when they enter the workforce. For example, some people mistakenly believe that people with disabilities are less productive and require extra help on the job.

Research and experience have shown that the opposite is true: besides contributing to diversity in the workplace, people with disabilities are known to be trustworthy, responsible and competent.

La Relance offers support for employers interested in hiring people with disabilities, notably through our Specialized Service for People with Disabilities (SSPD).


The service includes:

  • Help with funding applications for hiring people with disabilities
  • Employment follow-up
  • Evaluation of the accessibility requirements of a particular position
  • On-site support during employee integration


For more information:

Information brochure

“Miser sur la diversité” – Article published in Le Droit AFFAIRES (January 25, 2017) (in French)