La Relance

About Us

Established in 1982, La Relance is a non-profit organization specializing in job search assistance and employment integration.

With a range of job search programs and 6 affiliated businesses, La Relance is a community of services and organizations with a common purpose: facilitating employment integration. Besides generating income for the organization, some of La Relance’s businesses also offer hands-on training for programs offered by La Relance.

La Relance’s mission is to create jobs and promote access to employment in the community.

La Relance in a symbol

Inspired by the organization’s core qualities, the branding of La Relance and its businesses is both contemporary and reflective of La Relance’s personality. The new symbol (below) is the common thread linking the main (parent) logo and the logos of La Relance’s businesses.

Parent logo



What the symbol means

Source: Agence Orkestra